Pet-rih-kor. the scent of rain.

inspired by nature.


custom art.

Inspired by nature and all that surrounds us. What started as a cathartic ‘doodle’ soon blossomed into a series of unique bouquets. Stirred by the wildflowers that are scattered across the North West and remote regions of Alaska, the first drawing of this small art gallery was comprised of Fireweed, forget-me-nots, and the vibrant bursts of Indian Paintbrush. After the first bouquet, other creations quickly erupted. Every bouquet is named after its person of inspiration and given much care and attention to detail. What started as personal gifts for birthdays and ‘because i love you’s’, has now grown into a small act of service for no reason other than the love and gift of art. If you see any drawings that interest you I’d be more than delighted to help add to your collection of artwork. Commissions are also available, and works of art can be more than just flowers. If you have questions or inquiries, you can contact me through my Instagram page, or you can email me at mccaina12@gmail.com.