Mama Ward's is a niché cake company specializing in Southern Little Layer Cakes.  My name is Sunnie Boyd and Mama Ward was my great grandmother.  Born and raised in Bainbridge, GA, Mama Ward baked this Southern staple- the "little layer cake"- as did most of the ladies in her town.  If you didn't know how, you weren't far from someone who did, and the number of layers mattered greatly. The history of this thin layered, stacked cake can be traced back to the early 1800’s in Alabama and Georgia.  When Mama Ward passed away, the technique had not been learned by the next generation and the tradition, we thought, was lost. Besides having a great cake at every family function, we lost a connection to the past, to treasured memories.  They were not sold in or around Charlotte and our closest access point was Atlanta. too many years had passed without a chocolate little layer cake and I needed the cake like I needed air, so in 2013 I began my mission.  Off I went on my endeavor to recreate my childhood, and my family's, memory of this delicacy!  The original flavor is as humble as ever.  I think everyone can connect with a yellow cake and chocolate icing.  The real difference lies in the historical boiled icing and the thin layers stacked high- no shortcuts.  When I bake a cake for someone, my favorite part is their reaction.  I love hearing about the memories that come flooding back ("I haven't had a cake like this since my childhood!") because those memories are the exact reason I began my journey. These cakes are a reminder of celebrations passed, of loved ones and of home; wherever home may be.

Building community through cake is my passion; day to day interactions make us stronger and remind us that we're part of something bigger.  From my table to yours, let's have some cake!